Covid-19 Update




Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


Regarding the following the California state announcement on February 16, 2022, masks are no longer mandatory; however, the Kentucky Avenue Church of Christ Leadership Team has made the following adjustment to our Covid-19 guidance and worship service attendance at the church building.


1. If you have NOT been fully vaccinated and have a underlying health condition, we will recommend that you continue to wear your mask(s) while attending in-person services and any social gathering(s) at the church building.


2. If you are immune-compromised or have any other conditions that make you vulnerable, please, contact your personal physician(s) as to whether or not to desist from mask use at this juncture in the pandemic.


3. Hand sanitizing, hand washing and similar measures will continue to be adhered to.


4. We are encouraging all our members who are not fully vaccinated and/or who has not has their booster and in need of a vaccine to do so in order to make you and everyone around you safer. (This is NOT mandatory)


We will continue to keep up with any additional safety guidance government agencies as they’re made available, and provide any updated information to the congregation. 


We thank you for your cooperation


In God's Grace and Love

The Kentucky Avenue Leadership